Jessica Barlow

About Jessica Barlow

Jessica Barlow (Former Gordon) is fierce, fast thinker and a great negotiator. Born in Brazil, but a resident of San Diego for 20 years, Jessica has extensive knowledge of the Greater San Diego area. She has also developed a specialty in building strong relationships as a sales professional in several complex businesses. Jessica’s experience in software sales with a leading real estate analytics platform combined with her background in mortgage processing gives her not only a unique perspective on the market, but it also has allowed her to hone a deep skill set in helping buyers and sellers develop the level of understanding necessary to make the right decision for their unique situation in every transaction in which she has participated. Jessica is also a model teammate, and she excels at assembling the right group of experts to help her make every transaction run smoothly. In addition, she makes every moment an absolute joy with her seemingly never-ending supply of positive energy. Any conversation with Jessica will brighten your day. After the transaction is complete, Jessica truly shines by demonstrating her sincere concern for her clients outcomes, satisfaction, and success.